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Gouache illustrations by Dinara Mirtalipova


twoplix_mirdinara1 twoplix_mirdinara2 twoplix_mirdinara3 twoplix_mirdinara4 twoplix_mirdinara5

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Illustrations by Dinara Mirtalipova. You can buy her artworks on Etsy.

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Cute watercolor illustrations, by Ira Sluyterman


twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman1 twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman2 twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman3 twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman4 twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman5 twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman6 twoplix_Ira_Sluyterman7

Beautiful watercolor artworks by Ira Sluyterma. You can buy them on Etsy.

There are a wide range of IoT sensors used to detect and measure various physical phenomena such as heat and pressure as well as the five human senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

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‘Collaged Paintings’, by Seren Moran


twoplix_Seren_Moran1 twoplix_Seren_Moran2 twoplix_Seren_Moran3 twoplix_Seren_Moran4 twoplix_Seren_Moran5 twoplix_Seren_Moran6

Abstract artworks by Seren Moran.

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Lobke van Aar


twoplix_LobkevanAar1 twoplix_LobkevanAar2 twoplix_LobkevanAar3 twoplix_LobkevanAar4 twoplix_LobkevanAar5 twoplix_LobkevanAar6

Illustrations by Lobke van Aar

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